Bunnicula Series Title
is a American animated series developed by Jessica Borutski with Maxwell Atoms producing. It is based off the book series by James Howe, who also serves as a consulting producer in this series.

Collin the Speedy Boy mentionsEdit

Bunnicula cameos/mentions in The Chronicles of Collin the Speedy BoyEdit

  • In a Season 1 episode, Monkey See, Dino Do, Bunnicula, Chester and Harold (with Chris Kattan, Sean Astin and Brian Kimmet reprising their roles) make a talking cameo, as they are seen walking in the FingerTown Forest with the dinosaurs in the nighttime, then Chester says that he thinks they are in a wrong show.
    • Here is the script for the talking cameo:
      • Chester: Are you sure this is a way home? Because, look at those sleeping dinosaurs.
      • Harold: Maybe. But I'm not 100% sure.
      • Chester: NOT 100% SURE?!
      • Bunnicula: *shushes and makes noises*
      • Chester: I think we're in the wrong show.