Evelynn Rodriguez is a teenage Argentine American girl who is one of the allies of the Collin the Speedy Boy franchise. She is Collin's girlfriend since 2014, after Collin and Jasmine were no longer together in 2013.



  • Evelynn is the second Hispanic-based character of the franchise, after Nancy Samano. However, unlike her, who is Mexican American, she is Argentine American.
  • She shares similarities with the Looney Tunes character Lola Bunny, because:
    • Both are female characters.
    • Both are in love with with the main character (Evelynn with Collin and Lola with Bugs).
    • Both are voiced by Kath Soucie (although Evelynn has a slight Hispanic accent).
    • However, she does have changes from her:
      • She actually can be more annoying than her at times.
      • She doesn't care about being called doll... instead, if she is called a princess, then she will be extremely mad and beats the one who calls her that.
      • She is not short-tempered, unlike Lola.
  • Due to some of her nature, she also shares similarities with Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • While being a Warner Bros. character, she is based off Gabriella Montez from the High School Musical series.
  • According to Flappy McFinger, Evelynn is two years younger than Collin.
  • Despite being a Hispanic, she is not good at speaking Spanish.
  • She is the second CTSB character with mis-matched eyes, after Halie Seymour.
  • She is considered the prettiest WB character.
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